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(tango duo)

  Jonatan Blaty             Andrés Ludmer

                 (Bandoneon, Guitar & Voice)                                                                            (Guitar)         

Young composers, arrangers and musicians. They have been  working for years in different styles: popular, classical, contemporary and electroacustic music.

Guided by the desire of returning to their roots, they forged the project TNG ( tango duo ) where they explore the “dos por cuatro” (“two by four”) from its origin to the last tendences.


Within this genre, they had worked in different manners: accompanying ballets, making electroacustic and experimental compositions with non conventional groups, and recreating the spirit of the vintage “milongas” (tango dance clubs), playing for the inspiration of dancers and music lovers.


Because of feeling it more closely, from the lyric point of view, or due to the complexity of the simple, TNG has a particular romance with the old – beginning of the XX century – tango songs. For this reason, in each performance, they invite us to travel in time, playing a repertoire that goes trough 100 years of tango history

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